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Beginning Something

  Welcome!  I'll be writing about the process of painting in this blog, reviewing shows I have seen,  sharing content I find around the net.  

  Beginnings. This is the first post on a blog I have been thinking about writing for awhile now. I thought it was fitting for this to be about the idea of starting. 

  I can have a very tough time beginning a painting. It's so critical to me to build the right foundation for the painting that it can bring out the consummate procrastinator in me. Even when I am sure it's an interesting idea I tend to walk around with me coffee cup, move my easel  from here to there, maybe order some art supplies..... Then somehow I start and after some false approaches, I get onto something and then it's game on!  I am working and it can be good or bad and that is secondary to just getting some work done. Relief. The beginning phase is over.

  I am interested in how about other people tackle beginnings. How is it for you?


  This painting is a beginning of a  6 hour session with a model. I started with a gessoed piece of linen taped to a board. Alizarin crimson oil was thinned quite a bit with OMS and sketched directly onto the linen. I had some more thinner on a rag to use to erase some of the lines as I went along.  I wiped the whole thing down to a blank page a couple of times until I got this which seems like a nice framework to work with from here. This took a couple of hours.

figure sketch 2.14.jpg