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Take Two

 Two Daffodils • 8" x8" • oil on wood

Two Daffodils • 8" x8" • oil on wood

I spent the last week visiting friends in Florida, with all the heat (88˚) humidity and the glorious tropical colors everywhere. I returned to Maine in a late March snow shower and freezing conditions. So I bought the daffodil stems to signal Spring's arrival and bring on some color. They are just opening here. The shadow of the flowers on the blue cloth was really a wonderful range of tones.

Do you have trouble getting a variety of yellows when you paint? Is the dark of a yellow object hard to create? I think so. My approach is usually to add a blue and a dull red to the yellow to make it darker but keep it warm.

2 Daffodils, oil on wood, $150

ready to frame or display, free shipping